Bridge and road - Pardosi, Buzau

Reconstruction and modernization of DC175 road: from DJ220 – Chiperu, affected by floods in 2010, Pardosi, Buzau

The rehabilitation and modernization works consist of:
- the reconstruction of the road on a length of 3.6 km, having a carriageway of 4 m width outside urban areas and 5 m width in urban areas, with embankements and concrete ditches

The execution of the road system included works such as:
- Reshaping of the existing ballast layer,
- 15 cm new ballast layer,
- 12 cm new crushed stone layer,
- Laying a 5 cm BAD25 base coat
- Laying a 4 cm BA16m (modified asphalt with rubber powder and polymers) wear coat

At km 0 +498 of the road, a bridge was built, having the total length of 28 m and a deck with a 18 m opening. The structure of the bridge consisted of:
Reinforced concrete abutments supported by 8 piles of large diameter (D = 1.080m) and lengths of 20 m, 4 piles for each abutment
Prestressed concrete beams.
Ramps to the bridge executed using enzyme stabilized embankments in order to obtain a base layer of superior quality, with improved strength and stability.

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