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Dino 5 with 3-double-fans, with hydrostatic drive, mounted on MAN 35.540 8x4 chassis - (540 hp)
We are proud to present our new generation equipment, specifically designed for sucking dry, wet and fluid material (earth, gravel, water, sludge, ballast, stones, dust, waste oil).

- The patented Cyclon airstream technology employed in the design of equipment ensures that air movement performance is the highest in the class whatever the application.
- Utilising high performance fans to create high levels of air movement, this equipment have 3-double-fans, creating up to 40.000 m3/hour air movement and 55 % depression.
- Together with an on board air compressor, the Rig is an autonomous site vehicle. The compressor supports a complete range of air tooling and secures a high suction performance by cleaning an integrated dust filter system.
- Side tipping into container with capacity 12 m3
- Constant high suction performance because of patented filter system
- Suction hose: 250mm diameter, 7 m lenght
- Hydraulic boom

The equipment has lot of applications in various fields:
- Uncovering leaks in gas and water pipes
- Making trenches despite existing utility lines
- Construction/ renovation of wells, uncovering hydrants
- Vacuuming of rubble, construction waste
- Removal of excavation, demolition material
- Renovation of flat roofs and green roofs
- Uncovering of foundation walls, outside walls, tanks, underground bunkers
- Emptying of filled tanks, trickle pools
- Vacuuming of charcoal, cleaning materials
- Cleaning of filter systems, blast furnaces
- Uncovering of tanks
- Emptying of boilers, bunkers, silo
- Changing of sand on playgrounds and sports grounds
- Clarification plants, cleaning of sand and solids traps of material that can no longer be pumped
- Vacuuming of gravel traps in streams
- Vacuuming of partitions, stones, sand, foreign objects from cable channels, cable trenches
- from the track, in tunnel construction
- Vacuuming of contaminated soil
- Vacuuming of spilt loads
- Cleaning of pits, marginal strips, central strips
- Cleaning of road inlets
- Work on tunnels, bridges
- Removal of rubble, mud, dust and sand in spillages

- Up to 12 x faster than manual excavation
- Breaking-, suction- and transport operations requires just one vehicle
- No strikes on utility services
- High effectiveness through possibility of tipping in skips or rear tipping variants for narrow streets
- Only one operator needed
- Easy operation with radio control
- Air-tooling and water jetter available to uncover cables and lines

Services | Dino 5 with 3-double-fans, with hydrostatic drive, mounted on MAN 35.540 8x4 chassis - (540 hp)

- Replacement and/or rehabilitation of public utility pipelines and systems
- Desilting and cleaning of sewers, underground pipeline protective structures, inlets, channels, tunnels
- Vacuum cleaning of grease
- Safely expose broken water, gas, electric and telecommunication lines.
- Removal of gravel and ballast in maintenance works for railways
- Great suction capacity for depths of 20 m and more and lengths of more than 100 m
- Cleaning and washing oil residues
- Uncovering of foundation walls, outside walls, tanks, underground bunkers


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